In my research I use the spatio-temporal concepts explored by Lefebvre, DeCerteau, Massey and Foucault (amongst others) to consider the interfaces that offer access to and knowledge of the complexity of virtual landscapes and procedural fictions, hoping to understand how these interfaces remediate and are in turn remediated by more the more traditional interfaces we use in moving through the trajectories of our physical world. The layering of space over function in virtual worlds seems to provide, if not a laboratory for the study of, then a metaphor for understanding of what Doreen Massey has referred to as “the chance of space”.

In addition to my research into complexity and spatio-temporality, I am also fascinated by the rapid developments in the publishing industry and book trade that have come about with the growing potential of digital technologies. I am interested in the ways these technologies are redefining one of our most fundamental tools for knowledge collection, development and sharing: the book. I am the son of a second-hand book dealer and have watched the dramatic alterations in the book retail world have unfolded. I am interested in working with book dealers and publishers, particularly in Wales, to work for a better understanding of how these technologies can be used, not just to stream-line existing practices but also to develop new ways of adding value to the fundamental book. Many publishers see e-books as simply another version of the book (hardcover, paperback, e-book), instead of seeing it as a new product or new method for accessing the written word.

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