The Old Bookshop

We’ve all been there. The sign says used books, or old books, or just books for sale, so we turn in the drive. Usually it is an old barn or a garage where the owner has stacks of used books on tables or tossed onto shelves — popular fiction from the last twenty years, at least one Arthur Hailey novel (for some reason it’s usually Airport), a stack of microwave…

Disengaged itineraries

This map (commonly referred to as the Catawba Map) reproduces a one presented to the governor of South Carolina about 1721 by representatives from the native inhabitants, most likely members of the Nasaws. The circles on the map represent Native American societies living northwest of Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston and Virginia (the English societies in the area) are rectangles. The use of circles to represent Indian societies may be connected…

SFZero maps

SFZero is one of those web sites that immediately makes you want to try the idea here. It is on-going game played out across San Francisco by anyone who wants to register with the SF0 web site. Members of the site create tasks for other members to complete. As I write this, the latest task is Seed Bomb: “Find an abandoned lot. Seed-bomb it, preferentially with seeds for fruit trees….

Zork Map

Zork Map

I recently came across this map of Zork drawn between 1979 and 1981 (according to the map legend).