Amazon is a delivery service

I’ve just been reading Clay Shirky’s recent post on the Amazon – Hachette feud, Amazon, Publishers, and Readers, in which he does a good job of presenting the standard argument that Amazon is on the side of the consumer because it keeps the price of books low. Publishers, the argument continues, are only looking to support their own profits. I suppose it makes sense to assume that Amazon is not…

Edtech idea sources

Here are some further sources for innovation ideas that might be helpful. The first is the TWitter #edtech hashtag. #edtech Tweets

Innovation in edtech

History of Crayola colors

This is a presentation I’ve played with to show students on Bangor’s PGCert in Higher Education induction course. I’ve done tried all the ideas listed, nor have I listed all the ideas I could. But hopefully it will inspire some ideas. Feel free to share them below.