Book 2.0 arrives

Intellect have just released the new journal on the modern book and the industries surrounding it, Book 2.0. The first issue includes a very good article on digital editions of renaissance literature, particular Shakespearean editions; I liked the attention paid to the need to maintain, as well as create, these editions and the need for a partnership between academics and industry. The editorial offered some well-informed thoughts on the changing…

SFZero maps

SFZero is one of those web sites that immediately makes you want to try the idea here. It is on-going game played out across San Francisco by anyone who wants to register with the SF0 web site. Members of the site create tasks for other members to complete. As I write this, the latest task is Seed Bomb: “Find an abandoned lot. Seed-bomb it, preferentially with seeds for fruit trees….

Zork Map

Zork Map

I recently came across this map of Zork drawn between 1979 and 1981 (according to the map legend).